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Monolithic Strength
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•  Disaster Resistant
•  Highly Energy Efficient

TAG Kit™
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The Process
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The Future of Smart Building.

TAG’s mission is to manufacture and supply the planet’s strongest and most cost efficient homes and buildings.

TAG analyzed over 500 building materials, components and systems worldwide, and consolidated the best into a low-cost, high-quality, ultra-durable and energy efficient product and construction process.

Building with TAG offers the best value because all cost-savings are passed directly to the buyer. TAG is the direct manufacturer & supplier of the proprietary TAG Kit™ and TAG Structural Panels. Our vertically integrated manufacturing process eliminates traditional supply chain mark-ups from manufacturers, distributors, general contractors and sub contractors.

We manufacture to the world’s highest technical standards in our 158,000 square foot Charleston, SC facility. TAG homes and buildings use 100% recyclable materials.

TAG home buildings are International Building Code (IBC) compliant with projects completed in 52 countries.

Why Build With Titan Atlas TAG Kit™?
  • Commercial grade concrete and steel construction surpasses International Building Code (IBC) for Hurricane, Earthquake, Fire.
  • No specialized heavy equipment or labor required for assembly.
  • Revolutionary building process assures construction at budget and on schedule. There are no surprises.
  • Hurricane-resistant to withstand 300 mph winds.
  • Earthquake Resistant. Tested to 9.4 Richter (Zone 5 Compliant).
  • Fire-resistant (Class A Rated).
  • TAG’s monolithic structure means strength and safety.
  • TAG Kits™ offer the best value – strong, durable, low initial cost & low lifetime maintenance.